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Now you can get xml or PDF backup of almost everything (Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, truecaller ) and you can instantly save these backup in email, Google Drive/ DropBox or save them on any cloud location/where ever you want. Backup and Restore feature is available for SMS and Call log in addition to PDF backup which is available for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and statistics
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E2pdf is one of the best APK services for you. in This post you can download it to PDF APK. so that you can find the e2PDF APK download link for all versions.In this post you can find a 2 PDF for APK free download link and also you can find e2pdf apk download for Android link you can download this e2pdf APK,  after downloading this e2pdf APK you can install it on your mobile phone.  After installing this e2pdf APK you can get the services which are available for e2PDF applications. In the section below you can find some documentation about the e2pdf APK . 

e2pdf APK download for android

In this blog post you can find an APK download for Android link. also you can install it on your mobile phone and you can enjoy this APK. After installing this e2pdf APK you can get the  various types of service.To get these types of service you need to install and download e2pdf apk for Android mobile phone. In this section you can find all kinds of e2pdf APK downloads in the version.  e2pdf apk is available for all types of operating system devices. but in this section you get an e2pdf apk download for the Android  operating system. 

e2pdf pro APK free download

E2pdf APK gives very good quality service . You can get XML for PDF backup for your Android mobile phone and your operating systems.You can backup your documentation with the help of e2pdf APK.  You can backup your mobile phone SMS, call log, call log Statistics , contacts and many more. 

After getting a backup service you need to restore the services for restore you can use Google Drive dropbox and your personal cloud Service.And this e2pdf APK gives you this service you can upload this backup with your Google Drive and Dropbox also you can use your cloud server.

Backup/ Restore SMS using e2pdf APK

You can give your SMS backup and also you can’t restore your SMS with the help of ki 2 APK.  this APK gives you these types of service and you can enjoy this service. sometimes you need to restore the service. You can restore this service with the help of e2APK. 

You can back everything that is available on your mobile phone, you can upload your contact information, you can upload your call logs, you can upload statistics and you can also get the restore option after using this e2APK. Also you can see all kinds of messages,Also you can get it in a PDF format. 

Backup and Restore CALL LOG using e2pdf APK

You can backup and restore your call log with the help of e2APK.You can backup your dialled call you can back up your received call missed call and also the date range.  After backing up these services you can also Restore it  with the help of e2APK.

Backup and Restore CONTACT LOG using e2pdf APK

When a person calls you and you call the person it is called the contact logs. you can also backup your contact logs.You can backup all types of logs with the help of this APK also you can restore.

Backup and Restore CALL STATISTICS using e2pdf APK

With the help of e2apk download for Android you can backup your call statistics and also you can restore your statistics. you can get the PDF version after using this APK. 

Backup and Restore SMS STATISTICS using e2pdf APK

 You can get the backup services for SMS statistics and so you can be used to Restore. when people send SMS and you send these people to SMS all kinds of statistics you can find and also you can back up these statistics with the help of this e2pdf APK. 

Backup/ Restore CONTACTS using e2pdf APK

After download in this e2pdf APK you can backup your all mobile phone contacts name, contact number, contact ,contact email address, after breakup these contacts service you can also restore it when you need. 

How to backup/ Restore using E2PDF APK ?

1. Go to your contacts
2. Select Settings
3. Select Contacts
4. Select your Gmail account with the contacts you want to select.
5. Go back to E2PDF, and select “Contact Menu” and follow the normal procedure.
6. Google contacts will be exported to PDF and will be ready to save.


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